Post # 9: Corporate Smiles

Amazon’s corporate advertisements always pull at my heartstrings.  I still remember when this ad aired on television. I stopped doing what I was working on in the kitchen as soon as I heard “We’re the people with the smile on the box.” I had to watch it.  I have a highly analytical family, so I have always been extremely aware of what I see as effective or ineffective in advertising.  Now that I’ve been studying marketing in depth, it’s become part of my nature to automatically critique advertisements.

Here it is:

In this ad, Amazon identifies the company as “we,” which really works for me.  It makes me more inclined to want a relationship with “them” rather than “it.”  Amazon has excellent customer service (which you can read about here, or a brief overview here), and it carries over into their highly personal tv commercial.

As a consumer and as a future marketing mastermind, I love the narration so much that I could pick out every single sentence to analyze! All age demographicsare included in this video.  The Amazon Experience* can be enjoyed by nearly anyone with internet access in the United States.  The commercial shows children excitedly running downstairs for the arrival of an Amazon package, and for older generations, there is old video footage featured of Roger Bannister breaking “The Four Minute Mile” (see more on that here).

This commercial does an incredible job highlighting the specific features and benefits of their products and services.  The ad shows that parents benefit from the convenience of online purchasing while kids are able to learn from and enjoy Amazon products.   The messages suggests that Amazon will make anyone’s life more efficient overall, and in turn, be happier and more fulfilled.  I typically scoff at advertisements that attempt this, but as an avid Amazon Prime user, I personally believe that my world is better because of Amazon.

Need any more convincing why Amazon is awesome?

Read more about their Customer Obsession, check out Four Customer Service Lessons You can Learn from Amazon, or read the CEO’s Inspiring Letter to Shareholders,

If that isn’t enough, perhaps you’ll have personal appreciation for Jeff Bezos’s wit in his personal customer service email: “Amazon Sends Best Customer Service Email I’ve Ever Received”


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