Post #5: Fragrance Advertisement

Ralph Lauren, American fashion designer and business executive, has built a widespread brand in the fashion and beauty industries.  Ralph Lauren’s clothing design is known for being preppy and classic, featuring neutrals and muted bright colors.  The brand was built upon traditional all-American shapes, with simple, elegant details.


The ad shows consumers that this fragrance captures romance in a bottle.  It insinuates that wearing Ralph Lauren Romance will evoke romanticism and transform your mindset. Even the fragrance notes are overly romantic:

Sungoddess Rose: The scent is playful, happy and indisputably modern. Its effervescence enhances instant attraction.
Lotus Flower: Buddhism attributes this flower with four virtues – Loveliness, purity, softness and aromatic pleasure.
Night Blooming Daylily: Its flowers live for twenty-four hours and have a warm and feminine aroma and a rich texture.
Musk “Coeur”: A textural, sheer white musk with a hint of a chypre effect to add intrigue and mystery

The signature of the Ralph Lauren Polo collection is a polo rider on a horse, typically embroidered into the left side of clothing.  This symbol appears in the print advertisement for the Romance fragrance, with the presumed couple on horses.  This advertisement embodies the Ralph Lauren lifestyle by balancing regal horses with the carefree experience of kissing in a sunny field.

The target market of the upscale lifestyle and retail company includes women and men with disposable incomes.  In general, these customers want to exude a relaxed-but-put-together attitude.  Consumers seek this through Ralph Lauren clothing, accessories, shoes, fragrance, and products for the home.