Demographic Profile: I Love Farm Weddings

1) Team Bridevertisement- Emma Cutler, Becca Schilling, Abby Marolt

2) General demographic profile:

Female, age 25-34, including:

  • newly engaged couples
  • bridesmaids
  • family of couple
  • wedding planners
  • wedding vendors
  • interior designers
  • people with a do-it-yourself mentality
  • wedding trend forecasters
  • bridal magazine employees

Interests and mentality:

  • Design-minded
  • Detail-oriented
  • Futuristic
  • Bubbly, excitable
  • Trend focused
  • Etsy aficionado
  • Reads Kinfolk Magazine
  • DIY culture
  • Reads Martha Steward Living
  • Reads BRIDE Magazine
  • Shops at Alabama Chanin, Anthropologie, Nordstrom
  • Outdoorsy
  • Equestrian
  • Animal Lover
  • Listens to The Current, Country Music, Movie Soundtracks, Classic Rock & Roll
  • Smartphone and iPad owner
  • Loves romantic comedies
  • Undergraduate students, College-educated

3) She learns new things through social media research and word-of-mouth.  Namely, she searches through Pinterest, Facebook, blog posts, Twitter, and personal recommendations.  They also utilize Google search and pay attention to credible sources for wedding industry ratings (print/online).

4)  She is on social media sites, especially Facebook and Pinterest.  She regularly uses email to communicate and check various blogs daily.

5) Sarah Ann Robinson

6)  Rural fantasy, ideal life that accompanies marriage, inspiration and creative outlets, impressing friends and family on their wedding day, wanting to be featured in a magazine or online, being on the cutting edge of wedding trends

7) Home ownership, family, pets, leading satisfying lives with a strong work/life balance, a stable and successful future

8) Weddings that are: generic, unremarkable, boring, lackluster; divorce and family tension; clichés, bad wedding day photo; unforeseen wedding complications (food, flowers, rentals, too much alcohol, photographer, music)

9) Mindfulness, amazing original food every day, the ideal image, balanced life, happy marriage, sustainability

10) Practice yoga regularly, participate on social media websites, keeping up with trends, social media and tech literacy, shopping in-store and online, cooking & baking, drinking wine, dining out, happy hour with friends and coworkers once per week, seasonal camping, regularly shop at farmers markets, travel frequently