Tribeca Film Festival, Social Media Style

Have you heard that Vines will officially be featured in the Tribeca Film Festival? Vine is still very new to the social media world.  There are speculations that the app is just a fad, but this could be a game changer.  What do you think? Do you have what it takes to make a festival-worthy Vine?

Read more on the Wall Street Journal Blog:

Six Seconds to Impress Tribeca on Vine

If the idea of getting a film into the Tribeca Film Festival seems daunting, try impressing judges in six seconds using Twitter’s film-making app, Vine. The medium may demand brevity, but there are no limits on creativity, judging from the shortlist released by the film festival for its #6secfilms competition.

The 40 films were whittled down by Tribeca’s programming team from 415 submissions tagged #6secfilms on Twitter. The films will now be reviewed by a panel of judges that includes actor and Vine celebrity Adam Goldberg and director Penny Marshall. Winners will be announced on April 26 in the categories of “Genre,” “Auteur,” “Animate” and “Series.” The shortlist can be viewed here.

In the spirit of the competition, the Journal’s social media team compiled a list of nine cool and artsy Vines to showcase creative uses of the app.

The competition’s shortlisted films include a take on the well-known musical loop at the start of Pink Floyd’s “Money” using household objects, a momentous occasion relished with relish and a lightbulb moment caught using animation.

The competition is one of several digital initiatives taking place at the festival, which opened on Wednesday and will run until April 28. In an interview with Speakeasy, co-founder of the festival Jane Rosenthal described the film-making app as a way of “just going back to basics of looking at just imagery and sound in the most fundamental way.”

If you’re curious about who’s made the cut, check out the finalists here.